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“Thank you so much for being so organized and professional. We would have been lost if we didn’t have you to keep us organized. It was great! You were able to match the music to the crowd perfectly. It was everything we wanted and more! You truly did a wonderful job and helped us create an atmosphere that all our guests loved. We had so many compliments. Thank you so much Chris for making our first dance as husband & wife like a fairy tale.”

- Jim & Jennifer Reid. Pembroke, December 11, 2004

"Thank you very much for the phenomenal job you did DJing for our wedding. We have heard over and over and over again how great the music was, and we knew with great music it would be a perfect ending to a perfect day. Thank you!

- Mark & Julie Dumouchel. Cobden, December 31, 2004

"I want to thank you for the great music for our wedding. We had a great time, and many of our guests commented on what an awesome time they had…largely in part to the music keeping everyone on the dance floor. It was a day we will never forget and we are grateful that you were part of that. Thanks again."

- Corey & Lindsay Bechamp. Pembroke, October 1, 2004

"Great music selection – our friends and family commented on how fantastic the music was. You kept everyone on the dance floor all night! Thanks for a wonderful job Chris. The music you played at our wedding reception was fantastic – right from the dinner until the end of the night."

- Rob & Julie Townsend. Pembroke, July 30, 2004

"Awesome job. Chris, you did everything possible to make our day perfect. Many compliments given by everyone at the reception. Outstanding! Service was prompt, extremely organized and very helpful in selecting appropriate songs. We couldn’t have chosen a more perfect DJ for our wedding; your demeanor & professionalism were outstanding. We will recommend you to all who ask."

- Rob & Marie Sterling. Pembroke, October 4, 2003

"Chris took notes of what we wanted & did everything perfectly as we had discussed. The dance floor was never empty. Chris has a very good understanding of what people like. The sound quality was excellent, clean and sounded great. Chris was extremely professional in both his appearance and how he conducted himself. His aim was to please and he most certainly did. We got more than our moneys worth and felt the value Chris brought to this wedding was far more than we paid for. The wedding was picture perfect. Chris is an extra ordinary person. From his dinner music, to announcing and introducing the wedding party, to the fabulous choice of music for the reception, and for the very friendly yet professional service - I would have to say that he played a huge part in the success of this wedding."

- Allyson & James McBride, Jean Stonehouse. Pembroke, August 2, 2003

"Chris you made a perfect day more perfect! Patrick and myself were absolutely thrilled with how all of the music throughout the day sounded - the music in the church, in the restaurant at dinner and the dance. You, Chris were wonderful to help us organize all of the music. Your ideas were great and we appreciated your professionalism on all levels. We have recommended your services to others."

- Carrie & Patrick Laffey. Almonte, October 11, 2003

"We were very happy with the way everything turned out. The dinner music was perfect, and the music for the reception was awesome. I was so happy to see everyone on the dance floor all night!!"

- Shawna & Daryl Friars. Pembroke, May 17, 2003

"You seemed to know what type of music would keep our guests on the dance floor. You even found "The Lake Dore Waltz" which was very nostalgic and important to some of our guests. We could tell by the number of people on the dance floor that our guests enjoyed the music. After our wedding we received many comments about how great our DJ was. Thanks Chris!"

- Jenn & Jim Dumoulin. Eganville, June 7, 2003

"We had a wonderful time as did our guests. I think the dance floor was full throughout the night! Brian did an excellent job of mixing it up! Thank you!!!"

- Mark & Sheryl Richardson. Eganville, September 11, 2004

"We’ve received great comments from all our guests saying that it was the best wedding they’ve been to in a long, long time. We think that’s largely because of the great music played. Thanks so much!!"

- Chad & Amie Hussick. Pembroke, September 18, 2004

"Everyone we spoke to after our wedding commented on how great the music was! Loved the bubbles! Everything was timed perfectly! My father’s mother (who never lasts longer than the speeches) requested to stay later after hearing a few Don Williams tunes! The bar staff noted to me personally that they had never seen an occasion before at their hall when the bar was empty and the dance floor was full! Great Job Chris!"

- Julie & Jody Kelly. Cobden, July 17, 2004

"Chris, you did an amazing job. Many of our guests commented on the great music selection. As the bride, I’ve never danced so much in my life. You listened to our vision of our wedding and made it happen for us. Thank you for all your work."

- Chris & Erin O’Connor. Palmer Rapids, July 10, 2004

"My guests told me afterwards how much they loved the music – thanks! Thanks for the dice game suggestion – my guests loved it! Your DJ Services made my wedding day perfect."

- Dave & Michelle Poff, Pembroke. August 23, 2003

"We had a great time! The dance floor was packed all night! He (Jeff) is very good at what he does. Everything was professionally done! Besides my dress, this was the next best investment for our wedding. The games were great, several guests have commented on the great service and the music selection. We will use your services again in the future. Thank you for the great job!"

- Robert & Manon Hewitt. Petawawa, August 7, 2004

"Jeff was amazing. Gilles and I were very impressed. He made our reception better than we imagined. The music was great, Jeff really knew how to get everyone on the dance floor. He was polite and professional. Our money was definitely well spent and more. We couldn’t have made a better choice for a DJ Service. We believe that Chris Cooper DJ Services really made the difference at our wedding!"

- Jennifer & Gilles Turcotte. Waltham, September 25, 2004

"We couldn’t have been happier with the services you provided us, it was worth every penny! You were more than co-operative with the both of us throughout all of our plans and your services were more than professional. You both (Chris Cooper & DJ Jeff) looked great & presented the whole evening with class! The sound was absolutely perfect! For such a big hall you had the sound down to perfection and the excellent variety of music kept the dance floor pumping all night! We feel our evening was filled with enjoyment, your services really made our night shine with success! We are so happy we had you as our DJ Service & would recommend you to everyone!"

- Carleen & Shannon Clouthier. Petawawa, May 1/04

"Chris, Rich and I are so pleased with your services. We couldn’t have asked for a better DJ for our special day! You did an incredible job and exceeded all expectations we had. We truly appreciate everything. Our reception was amazing. We owe you a huge thank you and would recommend you to anyone. Thanks a million. You were fantastic!"

- Jen & Rich Sparling. Mink Lake, June 19/04

"Both Dan and I received many compliments on how good the DJ (Brian Burton) was in terms of music and effects."

- Dan & Claudette Logan. Golden Lake, September 13, 2003

"I would really like to thank the DJ (Adam) for helping us out with the start of the Stag & Doe. We changed some things around and he was open to anything we needed and the music we ended up changing. The Stag & Doe went great. Everyone old and young had a great time. There was a great range of music played, and the music was exactly what we wanted."

- Leah Hilts. Pembroke, August 7, 2004


From: Andy Bugg
To: Chris Cooper
Sent: October 7, 2005
Subject: Thanks...

Hi Chris,

Just a little note to say a great big thank you to both you and DJ Jeff for making our wedding reception even more special. Jeff was amazing at getting everyone onto the dance floor and keeping them there. Everyone we have spoken to since the wedding said that they had a really great time and throoughly enjoyed the whole evening.

Thanks again - we will definately be recommending you to all our friends...

Stephanie and Andy

From: "Lisa and Joel"
To: Chris Cooper
Sent: November 7, 2005
Subject: Had A Blast!!!!!

Chris and Jeff

It was wonderful to have you help plan and celebrate our special day with us. Joel and I had so much fun, to bad it doesn't last forever, we will never forget that night. It was great to work with you both you make the journey seem so easy. Jeff hats off to your final set it couldn't have been played any better!!! We all loved it. A big thank you for all your help, and giving Joel and I memories for a lifetime.

Keep Playing Your Music!
Lisa and Joel Brown

From: Julie Jennings

To: Chris Cooper

Sent: Thursday, December 02, 2004

Subject: Jennings-Begbie Wedding

Hi Chris,

I was just listening to what was our 'last dance' song and I realized that i never wrote to you to thank you for making our wedding reception such a wonderful night. We loved every single minute of it...you played a perfect mix to please everyone and were so accommodating with the scottish dancing! I was so nervous that it wouldn't be possible to please all the mix of cultures we had there, but you pulled it off without a hitch! Craig and I still tear up when when we think back to the archway of all our friends and family sending us off...we were both a mess in the car leaving! It was great of you to get that together.

It was such a wonderful treat to have you there in person too! As soon as I saw that it was you, I was immediately certain that it would be a perfect night, and it truly was. I hope you had some fun too!

Cheers and thanks again,

Julie Begbie

(PS I'd be glad to write a testimonial for your web site, or you could just put this in. And if any potential customers want to consult someone who's used your services, I'd be happy for you to give them my email address)

From: Jennifer_Gilchrist/
Subject: DJ

Dear Glen,
We were married on October 21, 2000 in Pembroke, Ontario. I am writing to
sing the praises of our DJ, Chris Cooper.As promised, Chris contacted us the week of our wedding and answered all of our questions and addressed all of our concerns. I will admit, I was a
little nervous, having never met him in person before, however, he exceeded
all of our expectations.He arrived promptly and was dressed very professionally. There were some
problems with the microphone at the hall and he was willing to help out and
see that it was fixed. Although he had very little help from us, the music
he played was just perfect for the crowd that was there. He was polite to
everyone who made a request and he played them all.The best part about Chris was that he really seemed as if he enjoyed his
job. We noticed this that night and since then, we have had a number of
comments from our guests. We would highly recommend Chris to our friends
in the Pembroke / Petawawa area. He did a fantastic job and he should be
highly commended. Thank you for making our wedding a dream come true.

Yours truly,

Jennifer Gilchrist

To: Chris R

Subject: Re: June 30, 2001

Hi Chris,

We have just returned from our honeymoon in Ireland-now back to reality.. I wanted to tell you just how amazing a DJ Chris Cooper was. He chose excellent music at perfect times and had everyone up dancing until the very end at 1AM when things shut down. It really made the evening to have such a lively DJ and it made it enjoyable for us as well. Very professional.

Thanks a lot.

Shelley and Mathew Maennling

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